5 years ago.

Why won't mbed-rtos update?

I have been waiting for RTOS support for the L152RE and I see that it came with v77 of the mbed-rtos library. I went to upgrade the library. However, the compiler thinks that v74 is the most recent upgrade and won't go to v77. When I go to the "revisions" tab, v74 is also the most recent version. Why?



Are you using a fork?

posted by Stephen Paulger 14 May 2015

No, it is the official version. On another program I have, the version was v76. So, I deleted the mbed-rtos on the problem program and copied the v76 to it. It upgraded to v77!!

Go figure...

posted by Kevin Braun 14 May 2015

I have one ol dproject, shows me 77 revision of rtos

posted by Martin Kojtal 15 May 2015
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