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Only one device recognized?


I'm using the DS1820 library which is also used within this demo program. It's working with one sensor, but doesn't recognize additional ones. Did someone solve this problem already or is it my fault?

I'm using mbed' pin 6 for the one-wire bus and changed speed of the serial connection to 230400 baud, which shouldn't change behaviour. The rest of the code I left untouched.


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DS1820 Hello World

It should work with multiple ones. But to be fair, I based the code on someone elses library, and have had only one DS1820 myself to test it with.

posted by Erik - 02 Nov 2014

I can confirm it doesn't work with multiple sensors.

posted by Rick McEwen 17 Feb 2015

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5 years, 4 months ago.

Okay took a while, but with someone else with the same issue (and only now I see Rick's response here), I had a look at it, despite me still having only one myself. Pretty sure the issue has been fixed, but with my single DS1820 that is hard to check :).

So sorry for the delay, but for you and everyone else who runs into this issue, update the library to the latest version and I think it should work.

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