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Which hardware should I buy for my project?

Hello guys,

I am very beginner in embedded programming,

I am interested in motion sensors. I want to make one sample hardware application with motion sensors so that I can capture its motion in my computer screen via bluetooth.

I read the all components details provided by mbed. But still not clear which hardware I need to use for my sample application. One of my friend suggest "mbed LPC1768", but I doubt, does it include motion sensors and bluetooth smart both?

Which hardware I need to buy for my sample application?

Ask me for more details of my hardware application, if you required.

Any help will appreciate as I am stuck in the beginning.

Thank you,

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Hi, indeed you can use the LPC1768, but you have to buy the bluetooh module and motion sensor. It doesnt include then

You can use this platform that has an embed bluetooh radio:


And buy the PIR Motion sensor to connect to it

If you want more help, im glad to do it


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Thank you for reply,

I have couple of more questions it may be very basic. 1. Can I do programming in Nordic-nRF51822 with Online Development Tool provided by mbed? 2. Does PIR Motion sensor include all 9 axis sensors?

I am a student so if you elaborate more then it would be helpful.

Thank you,

posted by Nignesh Patel 30 Oct 2014

Hi, like i told you and Erik says too, you can get the nordic board that has a built-in bluetooh (is an mbed platform enable so yes you can program it with the online tools) and add the other sensors that you need.


posted by Ney Palma 30 Oct 2014

Hi Ney, I am interested in doing a motion detector project as well. I have worked with PIR sensors and Arduino boards, but not the nrf51822. I wonder if you could guide me on this.

I have an nrf51-dk (brand new board) and a pir with 3 leads coming out of if. Could you post some sample code that I might look at and use with the online Compiler? I want to sense movement and then send a message to my Intel Edison board which has btle as well. Thank you for your help. Terrence

posted by Terrence Spencer 13 Nov 2014
9 years, 6 months ago.

PIR sensors are not gyroscope/magnetometers sensors, but IR sensors for detecting motion (i.e for turning on lights, shen you pass by). If you need axis motion sensors, then you should give a try to FRDM KL46Z or FRDM-KL25Z. Just go to mbed/platforms and browse the specs. For BT you can buy from ebay some realy cheap modules, that actually works. You just hook em up on UART and you're ready to go. The cost for FRDM board and a BT module should't exceed 20$.


The other way around is also possible, especially if you want 9-axis sensor, got a Nordic board (see Platforms page), which have BLE built in. Then get a 9-axis sensor board and connect those two.

posted by Erik - 30 Oct 2014

Thank you..I am going to buy Nordic-nRF51822 and the FRDM KL46Z and will start my first hardware application. I'll keep posting if I'll have any difficulties..

posted by Nignesh Patel 31 Oct 2014