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Does Anyone have a micro-SD card link which is working with this Code?

Hello community.

I would like to connect the "SparkFun MicroSD breakout board" on my "mbed 1768". All my micro-SD cards do not work with the program "SDFileSystem_HelloWorld".

Does anyone have a link for me, with a micro-SD card which works 100%? Preferably from Europe or Germany?

Many thanks!

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I think the program is old one and outdated.
Please try a program from following page;

posted by Yoshi Mimura 29 Oct 2014

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I use some different cards: Lexar 1GB , ScanDisk 2GB.
I had your problems with a bad alimentation 3.3V and testing with write operations. If a write operation is not successful , the FAT of the sd card is destroyed and you have to reformat your card.
Please do the first test with read operations only.