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Not blinking when program compiled locally with download gcc-none-eabi compiler


I used example code with mbed-rtos to blink a led and detect sw2 button pressed. It works fine when I compile it with website's IDE, but when I compile it with exported source for gcc-none-eabi then led is on and does not blink. Is it something wrong with the clock ?

Thanks, Mateusz

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Hi there, what revision of mbed library do you use? mbed lib or mbed-src?

posted by Martin Kojtal 20 Oct 2014

mbed version says 89:552587b429a1 if I retyped correctly, and mbed-rtos 43:aaa1b2c7c64c http://developer.mbed.org/users/Mashu/code/mbed-rtos/

posted by Mateusz Kaduk 20 Oct 2014
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