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Are you going to release platform supporting 6LoWPAN/Thread for mbed


Are you going to release hardware platform supporting Thread/6LoWPAN/ZigbeeIP for developers to test?

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Hi Sapana,

The short answer is yes.

We are working on a 6LowPAN edge router with Ethernet connectivity, and a shield with a radio for prototyping edge devices. See picture below!


We're using 2.4GHz radios, and the router is built from an Cortex-M4 with Ethernet.

We'll make more announcements nearer the time regarding beta testing, and then final availability.

Thanks, Chris

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Will it be possible to use the shield in an edge router as well if I want to use another connectivity than Ethernet as interface to the 6LowPAN network?

posted by Jonas Green 13 Oct 2014

Hi Jonas, Yes, in theory, the shield can be used with an MCU and a second connectivity piece of choice to form an edge router of a different configuration. The two obvious other connectivities are Wifi and Cellular. I will be investigating both of these option and looking at the viability of this as a dev platform. I assume you are interested in Wifi or Cellular, or is it something different? Thanks,Chris

posted by Chris Styles 13 Oct 2014

Hi Chris, thanks for quick response. I didn't have any specific connectivity in mind. I just wanted to check with you if the use case where the shield is part of an edge router would work. Wifi and cellular is probably good choices to continue with. But I could think of an industrial network as well.

posted by Jonas Green 13 Oct 2014

Hi, any updates on this?

posted by Tim H 16 Nov 2015

Is this hardware available now?

posted by Trent Shumay 10 Jan 2016