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How to get beta access for mbed OS?

I have an mbed LPC1768 and would love to evaluate/beta test the mbed OS. How do I (or my company) get access to the beta in December?

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Great to hear!

The main beta is Aug'15, so will be available to beta testers then. Our first alpha components are released to partners the end of this year, with alpha components going to developers in alpha2/feb'15.

We'll release some more info nearer the first alpha release...

Thanks for the support!


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I want mbed OS too~

posted by Setven zhang 05 Nov 2014

Hi Simon,

Any update on the open Beta release? We are in September and I haven't seen any news.

Best Regards, Jose

posted by Jose Hermoso 04 Sep 2015
6 years, 5 months ago.

Hi, I see "Alpha 1" is marked as available on request here http://mbed.org/technology/os/. How do I get it? In post above you said "We'll release some more info nearer the first alpha release...". Has this info been released, or did I miss it.

Hi there, just to clarify, the first time community members could get access to mbed OS would be at the end of august to coincide with our beta release. Earlier access than that is for partners.

posted by Zin Thein Kyaw 04 Mar 2015
6 years, 10 months ago.

Hi Simon,

Is it possible for individual developers to have access to beta version of mbed OS to try it out on mbed enabled platforms?

BR Kozak