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FRDM-K64F alternative JTAG Debugger


I was wondering if i could use this JTAG Debugger with the board.


If i can use it with the Kinetis IDE.

If not, are there any other JTAG programmers other than the ones recomended by freescale that are compatible?

Sicerely, Luis

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The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

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I have been using a Segger J-Trace successfully. See the following picture.


Debugging gets fairly faster than with the CMSIS-DAT debug interface. Another nice thing is that it gives you access to swo trace and all debugging capabilities which come with it. It could potentially allow you to use the ETM traces but those are not easily accessible on the FRDM-K64F.

To get it working, know that you have to cut the J8 jumper trace on the board bottom side. Pin 1 of the JTAG/SWD+Trace 20 pin cable goes on pin 1 of FRDM J9 connector. I am also working without the SDA USB port connected.

Hoping it helps,


Thank you for your answer.

Would it be possible to use a J-Link EDU instead?


posted by Luis Assuncao 08 Oct 2014

Good to know... Thanks

posted by Scott Douglas 08 Oct 2014

From a quick review of the J-Link EDU spec, I do not see why not. I would then recommend the purchase of the J-LINK 19-PIN CORTEX-M ADAPTER that would help in terms of cabling. (see http://www.newark.com/segger/8-06-00-j-link-19-pin-cortex-m/adapter-j-link-19-pin-for-cortex/dp/91T5768)

To complete the answer provided earlier, FRDM-K64F user guide specifies that J12 jumper trace should also be cut.

posted by H. Chanon 09 Oct 2014
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It's been a while since this post has had some activity, nevertheless, I'll leave this here in case somebody lands here looking for answers as I did.

You don't need to cut any traces, just get the adapter shown in the images and connect as in the last image.

Also, when using J-Link be sure to power the board via the J22 micro USB connector as shown in the image. The red pin in the flat cable (pin 1) goes with the pin 1 on J9 (JTAG) connector.




Hi, thanks for your post. I am however unable to power the device with the J22 micro USB connector as it was removed (to fit inside an enclosure!).

Can it be powered some other way, eg the VIN and GND pin ?

posted by Andres Meira 01 Apr 2017
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Hello Hami

Do you have a link to the docs that explain which tracks to cut? I'm more than slightly nervous of ruining a board. Thanks for any help, the J-Link is so much more reliable a debug mechanism than any other ...

See the K64F User manual: http://www.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/user_guide/FRDMK64FUG.pdf, Section 14 on page 17. The nice thing is that the changes can be reverted by shorting back the jumpers.

The following image shows where to find those traces: /media/uploads/hchanon/20141014_185330_frdm-k64f_jtrace.jpg

posted by H. Chanon 14 Oct 2014
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Hi guys,

If I am not wrong, there's openSDA jlink, which has limited use (similar to Jlink EDU). You can find it on the segger webpage.


Sadly causing real problems as it is unable to find a board when JLink commander etc. is running inside a VM. Works perfectly well on host OS. :

posted by G 40 15 Oct 2014
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I've had similar problems on my laptop using VirtualBox and other USB wigglers (TBLCF with Freescale ColdFire). The problem was that the VM couldn't access anything attached to my USB3 ports. Since the laptop only had USB3 ports the situation was looking bad. Fortunately I had an ExpressCard slot and was able to use this with a USB2.0 ExpressCard to give me access to the wiggler. Maybe something similar will work for you (or maybe USB3 will someday soon get supported with your VM player).

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Hi, I am unable to power my FRMD-K64F with the J22 micro USB connector as it was removed (to fit inside an enclosure!).

Can it be powered some other way, eg the VIN and GND pin whilst I use the JTAG debugger?