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compiled in mbed only two warning

Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro "acceleration_checksum" (declared at <a href="#" onmousedown="mbed_doc_goto('/Smoothie/modules/robot/Planner.h', '16'); return false;">modules/robot/Planner.h:16</a>) in "modules/tools/extruder/Extruder.h", Line: 21, Col: 9

Warning: Incompatible redefinition of macro "default_feed_rate_checksum" (declared at <a href="#" onmousedown="mbed_doc_goto('/Smoothie/modules/robot/Robot.h', '20'); return false;">modules/robot/Robot.h:20</a>) in "modules/tools/extruder/Extruder.h", Line: 20, Col: 9

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smoothie port to mbed online compiler (

Is there a question in there?

You have some #defines that are defining the same thing in two different places. Normally this means either you need to be more careful with the names you use or you're #includes are incorrect and you're including something you shouldn't be.

posted by Andy A 10 Sep 2014
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