7 years ago.

Access to MBED standard libraries?

So... if i download the offline editor I will be able to use standard mbed libraries?

Does the download actually include mbed.h? If it does, then I can actually finally view the entire file...

I must be missing something. What is it?

Quinton Wideman Rolan Inc.

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7 years ago.

It is a precompiled build, you won't see anything more than what you can see now (so only the .h files).

Accepted Answer

Can I use those files on another IDE once I have them?

posted by Quinton Wideman 21 Feb 2013
7 years ago.

Hi Quinton,

Yes, if you select a program and choose export, the download will include all the files in your exported project zip, including the files of any libraries such as the mbed library, including things like mbed.h.

The best pages to look at are probably:

Hope that helps,



posted by Quinton Wideman 21 Feb 2013