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Port to Nucleo board?


Do you have any plan to port this library to the nucleo board (STM32 ARM)?

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MODSERIAL with support for more devices Buffered, MODSERIAL, Serial


I also have a nucleo. I am somehow confused if BufferedSerial will comply my needs. I would like to put data as often as I can and the best would be direct to the usb buffer. Also I would like to modify the biffer size.

Can you give me some hints?

posted by Filip Czapeczka 29 Nov 2014

Last commit by Gary Servin adds support to Nucleo F401RE :)

posted by Jonatan Martinez 13 Oct 2015

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There were no plans up till now, but I could look at it in the near future. However first a question: What do you need from the lib? If it is the specific MODSERIAL functions, then yes you need a port. If it is however just purely the buffer features, then have a look at https://mbed.org/users/sam_grove/code/BufferedSerial/, that should work with NUCLEO boards too.


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Thank Erik, I've GSM SIM900 module to test of receiving sms, and I've some data loss issue when I use serial interrupt so try to use circular buffer.

I'm trying to modify AddingDevice.h file, but STM32 is new mcu to me, but I do have experience on lpcxpresso 1769 chip.

thank anyway, Aung

posted by Aung KL 29 Jul 2014

So it is for the buffer? In that case have a go at BufferedSerial, that also implements a buffer.

posted by Erik - 29 Jul 2014

Thanks, Erik, MODSERIAL is too complicated to understand for me, do you have any documentation to share, such as more description inside the library code.

posted by Aung KL 31 Jul 2014

Main question remains wouldn't BufferedSerial work for you?

And currently outside the other files as reference, and the addingdevice file there isn't more documentation, because I guess the main issue is finding out how it all works on the STM device, and not what the functions need to do.

posted by Erik - 31 Jul 2014