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I am trying to import the latest version of the CMSIS DSP libraries (4.0.1) into the mbed environment. There seems to be a small issue with getting things to compiler (I have sucessfully gotten things to work offline).


This zip file has the DSP section of the CMSIS library. I created a new empty program (used the K64F as the target) and upload the zip file.

In the folder "TransformFunctions" there is a file :arm_bitreversal2.s

The compiler emits a lot of errors related to seciton placements, illegal directives, etc.

Is it possible for the online tools to build with assemby?

This file is needed by ARM_CFFT_f32.c and ARM_RFFT_FACT_F32.c. If I get rid of those files I can get things to compile.

Can you please look into this?

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CMSIS DSP Library from CMSIS 2.0. See http://www.onarm.com/cmsis/ for full details cmsis, DSP
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