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NRF51822 mbed kit


How to flash nrf51822 Mbed kit with mbed hex?

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I'm exploring with mBed SDK and somehow it only create a BIN file with their "tests", any ideas how to create the mBed HEX file? Any examples would be great!

C:\mbed-master\workspace_tools>python make.py -m NRF51822 -t GCC_ARM -d D:\ -s COM61 -p 8 Building project ECHO (NRF51822, GCC_ARM) Compile: main.cpp Compile: test_env.cpp Link: echo Elf2Bin: echo Image: C:\mbed-master\build\test\NRF51822\GCC_ARM\MBED_A9\echo.hex [ERROR] [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:

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Just download the file like you would download a .bin file on other mbed products. The nRF just happens to use .hex files instead.


I did not understand. I want a health programs thermometer flash with Nrf51822 mbed kit. can you please give me more explain. what software you use?

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posted by Dani Wurf 21 Jul 2014

If you already got the .hex file, I believe you already familiar with mbed online editor. Now, just connect your nRF51822-mKit to your PC using USB cable. Your mbed will act just like any usb memory (for example with Windows you should be able to see it on your Computer folder) . Just copy the .hex file into mbed usb memory (root folder), it will automatically flash the program after the copy finish (try reset if it not work). No other software required. That's how mbed platform work, simple isn't it?

posted by devsar devsar 22 Jul 2014

Oh, if you are asking about using offline tools (gcc, etc) to flash the result (i.e. flashing nordic's api binary yourself), you should make that clear on your question. (link to Emilio's blog is not enough) Why don't you ask there (commenting the blog) for step by step tutorial (if any).

posted by devsar devsar 22 Jul 2014