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[betatesting] Bug report: Compiling produces a (broken?) bin file instead of a hex file for nRF51822


Since yesterday, compiling for nRF51822 has stopped working in beta mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable beta mode in the compiler.
  2. Create a new nRF51822 project modeled on the template 'mbed_blinky'.
  3. Compile.

Expected output: a downloaded .hex file containing the hex-coded output of the program (216kb in size). Actual output: a doanloaded .hex file containing binary data (3kb in size).

I have tried converting the binary file to a hex file using bin2hex.exe and Hexplorer, and not gotten any results. Compiling using non-beta mode works fine.

It seems to be working again now.

posted by Stian Jensen 16 Jul 2014

"It seems to be working again now."

No, I am still seeing the same behaviour.

posted by Sigve Sebastian Farstad 17 Jul 2014

Correction: I'm still seeing weird behavior. But non-betamode is working just fine.

posted by Stian Jensen 17 Jul 2014
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