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Is central/master role possible?

From this discussion I am led to believe that since this API (for now) supports only S110 that it doesn't (and won't in the near future) support any kind of central/master role (which is possible with S130).

Is this correct? And if so, given that I have some nRF51822 mbed kits, can anyone suggest a sensible course of action for programming them with both central and peripheral roles? Is it possible to use the S130 SD with these devices?

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As Carles confirmed, you can't have master role with the current mbed API. But you can still use the S130 or S120 from the Nordic SDK. All you would need to do to get the Nordic SDK examples working is to configure the Keil projects to use CMSIS-DAP instead of JLINK when connecting to your mkit.

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Thank you, that's very helpful. I think I know the answer to this, but just to clarify — this means I'll be unable to use the S130 in the mbed online IDE? (Asking in the hope that I'm wrong, as I'm currently developing on a machine which can't handle full-blown Keil MDK-ARM!)

posted by Jimi Cullen 15 Jul 2014

If you are unable to use Keil, then you can try gcc. A lot of the examples in Nordic SDK come with gcc make files. But (I think as you have already figured out), the online compiler or the mbed SDK does not provide support for S130 as of this moment.

posted by Tuze Kuyucu 15 Jul 2014

Many thanks for your help, Tuze!

posted by Jimi Cullen 15 Jul 2014

Is Current mbed BLE API support the master role?

posted by Chinnasamy T 20 Jan 2017
9 years, 11 months ago.

Yes, this is correct. The current mbed API only supports the S110 and therefore peripheral (and broadcaster concurrently).