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KL25Z RTC accuracy

Is there a way to make the RTC on the KL25Z more accurate? I realize that the 32KHz clock source comes from the SDA chip. I have one KL25Z that is 5 minutes fast every 12 hours!!



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6 years ago.

Pretty sure the SDA chip also has no 32kHz oscillator, so it uses its internal 32kHz oscillator, which isn't exactly accurate.

Option 1: Use your own 32kHz crystal. You need to edit mbed-src files a bit, but then it can also work. (No USB anymore though).

Option 2: Sync your RTC with something (radio clock, internet time, gps, etc).

Option 3: External RTC

Accepted Answer

I have an AdaFruit shield that has a DS1307 on it. Guess I'll work on getting that going.

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posted by Kevin Braun 08 Jul 2014