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CANBUS Collision Detection

According to "http://www.softing.com/home/en/industrial-automation/products/can-bus/more-can-bus/communication/multiple-bus-access.php" for example, CAN devices are required to automatically detect a collision of data on the bus. (ie, if two nodes begin transmitting simultaneously they must be able to detect that and stop)

How do I do this with MBED? Is it built into the CAN class in MBED or do I have to write it myself?

Any advice would be much appreciated,

Quinton Wideman Rolan Inc.

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It's built into the hardware. you write to the buffers and the CAN peripheral does the rest. If you are wanting to know if your data has been sent and such there are registers that contain flags for this sort of info. Chapter 16 of the user manual has all the info on this.

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Thanks a lot! I was wanting to hear that, but i had to be sure. I'll go read the manual :)

posted by Quinton Wideman 13 Feb 2013