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Renesas V850ES/Jx3-E with 1 wire protocol(max detect temp/humid sensor RHT03)

I would like to connect the DATA pin of sensor to Digital I/O pin of microcontroller. I am confused that in the data sheet of the sensor they have given like this..

MaxDetect 1-wire bus is used for communication between MCU and RHT03. ( MaxDetect 1-wire bus is specially designed by MaxDetect Technology Co., Ltd. , it's different from Maxim/Dallas 1-wire bus, so it's incompatible with Dallas 1-wire bus.)

maxdetect 1 wire Is it a propitiatory protocol? or do anyone help me regarding selecting the sensor, digital temp and humidity in one module and have digital output and one pin connected to micro controller. I don't have only 3 pins unused. any suggestions please..


Look here for further information. https://mbed.org/cookbook/RHT03


posted by David Fletcher 13 Jun 2014
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