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Whetstone speed test

In reply to Thomas Kirchner's speed test, I have tried the same code on a 72MHz STM32F303.

I'm using GCC and CooCox CoIDE

The 1000 iterations of the Whetstone benchmark took 41.4s.

However with maximum code optimisation this improves greatly to 16.4s.

I have also used a slightly different version of the Whetstone code and seen 30.6s and 15.4s with optimisation on.

Curiously, when I enabled the FPU, the benchmark ran slightly slower, 42.0s versus 41.4s.

I'd be interested to hear of anyone else who has tried similar.

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Whetstone performance benchmark to compare the speed of my new Nucleo STM32 F401RE board to the Arduino. To summarize, while my Arduino Leonardo knockoff running at 16 Mhz runs through … benchmark, f401, Nucleo, performance, Speed, stm32

I also had a look at it once, and was seriously wondering with what accuracy the Arduino calculates it. The speed on the Arduino seems extremely fast to me for a device which has only simple 8-bit instructions.

posted by Erik - 10 Jun 2014
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