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No work with nRF UART on IOS

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For check the issue, what is the app on IOS to use ?

nRF UART from Nordic do not detect the device perharps not the good UID

EBeacon, detect the device you can send an octect like 0x54 for "T" for example. You can Start and Stop Notify but you can receive any data from the PC

Thanks for more explanation for this great idea of UART on BLE and MBED

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use UART Service to loopback anything received on the TX characteristic onto the RX. BLE, nRF UART

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Just tested nRF UART from Nordic Semiconductor and it worked without any issue. Since this question was posted there has been changes in the mbed UART application; to me it seems that two bytes in the UUID were swapped. You should try again!

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Seems the program only works with nRF UART V2 on Android.

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I have the same issue with the iOS app not working.

In my own app, that I have working with nrf8001 and Arduino (it uses the same RX/TX uid), I also had the same problem.

I had this call to CBCentralManager scanForPeripheralsWithServices:

[_manager scanForPeripheralsWithServices:@[UARTPeripheral.uartServiceUUID] options:@{CBCentralManagerScanOptionAllowDuplicatesKey: [NSNumber numberWithBool:NO]}];

When I swap it out with this, the connection works:

[_manager scanForPeripheralsWithServices:nil options:nil];

I haven't looked at the source for the nordic test app, but it appears that it scans for the uartServiceUUID explicitly. This could be a bug in the mbed BLE library, scanning for uuid explicitly ought to work.

Obviously, with the nil parameter to scanForPeripheralsWithServices you will get one call to didDiscoverPeripheral for each BLE device in the vicinity.

It's unclear to me if it is possible to filter on which device to connect to in didDiscoverPeripheral as iOS doesn't let you access the actual uuid here.

posted by Per J. G. 09 Jun 2014