9 years, 6 months ago.

Data SIM/GPRS for U-Blox C027 (SARA-G350) in US

Hello, I have a u-blox C027 and planning to purchase TruePhone consumer SIM (http://www.truphone.com/us/consumer/sim/) for GSM/GPRS connectivity.

Do you know if it is compatible with TruePhone SIM?

What are the alternatives for cheaper data plan?

Thanks, RJ

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9 years, 6 months ago.

You may want to select the C027-U20, as this is a 3G/UMTS device. AT&T decided to switch off 2G/GSM in close future.

I already bought this last week. Not sure whether u-blox will allow me to exchange with C027-U20. I have sent them an email for exchange but will wait and see. Thx

posted by R J 30 May 2014

AT&T plans to turn off GSM by 2017. so you are still ok for the next years.

posted by Michael Ammann 30 May 2014

Oh K, I think I will stick to my existing kit as planning to do a limited trial in India and GSM/GPRS will be available in most of the regions. Do you know if TruePhone SIM card will work with this?

posted by R J 30 May 2014