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Debugging ST Nucleo with Keil

I'm trying to get Keil to use ST-Link with my Nucleo 103 board.

it will compile, download the code (which runs) but when I try to single step, it sometimes behaves unpredictably. 80% of the steps it is fine, but the I will step one more line (a simple assignment) and it jumps off into what seems like library code.

Anyopne else had this problem/know a solution?

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I think I have understood what is happening. The '=' operator is overloaded, so a line like LED=!LED involves a little unravelling via the 'Digital' class. Unfortunately, without setting a break pointer further down the code, there seems to be no way to 'skip' this jump into mbed library code

Can anyone confirm the correctness of this?


posted by Philip Tranter 02 Jun 2014
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