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MQTTClient for GSM/GPRS Interface

Hello, I see MQTTClient uses here Ethernet interface. I am using UBlox G027 which has SARA-350 GSM/GPRS module. Do we have any sample code for MQTTClient over GSM?

Thanks, RJ

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Sample MQTT program - simple send and receive

Hi. HelloMQTT uses the Ethernet interface as an example. The MQTTClient library uses a replaceable networking class, of which MQTTEthernet and MQTTSocket are examples. You write your own version of this for whatever networking interface you wish to use.

posted by Ian Craggs 27 May 2014

Arduino MQTT Library for SIM800 GSM Modem is available at https://elementztechblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/arduino-mqtt-library-for-sim800-gsm-modem/, https://github.com/elementzonline/SIM800_MQTT. You can port it according to your platform.

posted by Nithin Kurian 20 Jul 2016

Did anyone manage to convert this library to mbed? If so, can you please share? Thanks, Rainer

posted by Rainer Geissendoerfer 05 Aug 2016

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Thanks Michael Ammann.

posted by R J 26 May 2014