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Convert motor to Servo

Using a setup like this, I'm wondering if I could convert something like a motorized fader (DC Motor + Slide Pot assembly) into a self-contained large linear servo. Presumably this would need a controller of some kind that reads the position and powers the motor in the right direction to that position.

Is there such an IC chip that could be easily added to this setup to achieve this result? I already have the DC Motor and slide pot - I just need the controller.

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Hello, I haven't been very active on this for a few years.

In the unlikely event this question is still relevant, you could use this library, a L298 and a slide pot. Attach the pot to an analogue input pin and scale to a distance. You could handle the servo driver velocity control using a PID library to maintain speed (I remember seeing one in development years ago). Positioning would be covered by using s=ut + 1/2*at^2 formula to control the PID set-point.