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u-blox c027 - rtk gps base station

Can u-blox c027 act as rtk gps base station?

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The u-blox-C027 is a complete starter kit that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for the Internet of Things. The application board has a MAX-M8Q GPS/GNSS receiver and …

MAX-7Q does not support RXM-RAW and RXM-SFRB UBX messages, but the same raw data can be recovered by parsing the undocumented TRK-SRFB(X) and TRK-TRKD5 messages. So the right answer is: c027 can be used for RTK, you only need to bump up the UART speed and write your own UBX-TRK parser. Porting parts of the RTKLIB source code will allow to stream the RTCM3 (or RTCM2 if you really need it) messages over ethernet or wireless modem.

posted by C R 05 Jun 2014

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To act as an RTK base station you require access to the raw measurements (pesudorage, carrier phase, doppler etc...).

As shown in the document linked below the Max-7Q device on the c027 doesn't support raw data output.


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