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Multiple mBeds over Wifly

Has anyone been able to get multiple TCPclients on the mBed communicate with a single TCPserver on the mBed using WiFly?

Any help that one can provide at the earliest will be greatly appreciated.

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7 years, 11 months ago.


I am afraid that you cannot several wifly module to a single TCPServer. A wifly module can only handle one TCP connection at a time.

You can maybe use TCPClient for all the wifly modules and a computer as TCP Server.

Cheers, Sam

Neel Shah
7 years, 11 months ago.

Is there any other way to have multiple mbeds to a single mbed communication? Without using TCP.. Say UDP or something else?

It seems that the wifly module supports UDP broadcast. I have never used this mode and it is not in the wifly library. You can maybe take a look at it wifly user manual. I was imagining having one wifly module configured as server sending udp broadcast packets and several clients that can send UDP messages to the server and receive the broadcast packets. I don't even know if it is possible as the datasheet is not very clear on UDP broadcast but it is worth for you to investigate a little bit :)

posted by Samuel Mokrani 01 Feb 2013

Sure. I will love to do that (may be a little later though :)) Well, can I use the RPC_mbed_client program that you have written? If so, how can I go about using it? I have looked at the RPC_wifly_helloworld program where you do toggle LEDs but it seems that can only be done using a web browser. My question is can I combine the two programs RPC_mbed_client and RPC_wifly_helloworld to get say sensor data from the mBed server?

posted by Neel Shah 01 Feb 2013