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Possible to flash FW with linux?

Hi there!

Is there a possibility to flash the FW for the nucleos with linux?

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I would like too use a solution to upgrade the Nucleos firmware from Linux. Some partial solutions also welcome!


posted by Péter Kalicz 01 Aug 2014

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posted by jack m 16 Nov 2016

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Hi guys,

I have some info, not related to your board, but which might help : I tried and succeded in updating the firmware image on a LPC11U35 which I used as in LPC824-MAX boards, but for a new board I created, using Linux.

I found the information in chapter 3 of AN10986 from NXP, which states that the firmware image should be placed in the emulated disk starting at block 4.

I supposed that block size was 512, and tested this :

dd if=20150303_lpc11u35_lpc824_if.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=512 seek=4

Adapt to the drive corresponding to your target (replace sdX by your drive, may be sdb, sdc, sdd, ....) and your firmware image name of course.

Must be done with interface ship in programming mode, which means pressing reset button while plugging USB cable for me.

Flashing random data to the right place (the micro-controller) does no harm, unplug and start again.

Be EXTRA CAREFUL on the disk drive (/dev/sdX) as flashing the any data to your system disk will damage it irrevocably. Maybe use "/dev/disk/by-label/CRP\x20DISABLD" instead : dd if=new_firmware.bin of=/dev/disk/by-label/CRP\x20DISABLD bs=512 seek=4

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Support for OS X would also be a recommendation. One of the reasons that people use MBED is because it works on any Host OS. The fact that I've only ever used the original MBED boards with OS X and this ST one needs Windows leaves me scratching my head about commitment....?

The FRDM boards also require(d) a windows PC to flash the mbed loader. Looking at the response of Hank Bou also on the Nucleos mbed runs fine on any OS, only it takes a windows PC to make mbed run on it.

posted by Erik - 31 Mar 2014

Hi Erik, This is not the case. The firmware updater is only performed by an .exe file. So yes, you can use the board with MBED, but not update its firmware.

posted by Anthony Buckton 31 Mar 2014
5 years, 6 months ago.

Now firmware upgrade is supported by ST's new upgrade tool!!!! Follow the link:


I used without any problem on my Debian on three different Nucleos!

6 years, 3 months ago.

I'd give the Nucleo platform much more serious consideration if they any form of Linux support

6 years, 7 months ago.

Need windows to update the STlink firmware. After that, loading the mbed .bin files, is as easy as copying them from the download location to the drive that shows up. -Hank

6 years, 7 months ago.

When is Linux support for firmware updates planned? A lack of providing Linux support is IMHO a major drawback...

While obviously not 100% sure, I wouldn't be surprised if the only way to add Linux firmware update support is with a firmware update. Since it is a one-time thing only I think most people would have somewhere they can use a windows pc for a one-time unlock.

posted by Erik - 28 Feb 2014

I agree, I would not like to think this is my only need for windows, which won't boot on my desktop anymore. And we are talking about open source embedded code here and not Windows 8 or CE. I just got a NucleoF4 and I get STM nothing from $ lsusb and Openocd 0.7 st-linkv2 can't find the device either. How about some DFU boot loader support for STM32F103?

posted by Frank Bennett 18 Mar 2014
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OK, I also like to have a flasher for Linux. Could not be so hard using libusb. Anyway, I got the board some days ago at The Embedded World Show. Do I need to update the firmware? Is it possible to read out the current installed software?