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rssi (signal strength) wifly

Hello....I am using a rn-171 wifly module with mbed application board for my project. And looking for ways to measure the rssi values for different access points. Could you please help me with that I haven't found anything relevant to this. Asim Iftikhar

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Hi Asim,

Hopefully, you have the Wifly user manual at hand. in version 1.2r, the following sections will be helpful.

  • 2.5.7 "show rssi" - This command displays the last received signal strength.
  • 2.6.14 "scan" - This command performs an active probe scan of access points on all 13 channels. ... the module returns ... signal strength ...
  • "Firmware version 2.36 & higher" - the "scan" output format includes RSSI information.