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Thread RTOS good tutorial ?

I looked at RTOS handbook site but still being confused or Thread, mutex, semaphore, queue, pool, mail. Any other tutorial with c code examples and explanation? Mbed API is very limited tutorial book beside a thin "Fast and effective embedded system design" book but does not mention about multitask or IPC or thread schedule.

just be aware that there are a good few quirks when using threads et all. Specially regarding dynamic memory allocation and the use of constructors in classes that spawn threads. Read carefully the documentation. It drove me nuts for days...... fair to say I am not the most experienced mbed programmer in the world by far....

posted by julian C 25 Jan 2015

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thanks Guenter Fauser it was realy helpful. ith elped me to get a good understanding about RTOS. despite the fact that it went mostly about FreeRTOS but for those who have no idea about real time systems this is a very good resource

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Have a look at "Using The FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel" NXP LPC17xx Edition written by Richard Barry Second Edition. ISBN 978-1-4461-6997-1 http://www.freertos.org I found, this is a very good introduction and contains a lot of good Examples for all components of RTOS.