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LPC4088 blinky sample strange behavior.... wait() problem?


I create a new project at online compiler, "Blinky LED Hello world" for EA_4088 mbed. Compile and download to EA4088 via USB Drive "mbed" as usual.

However, LED1 seems not to be blinky. - It turns on continuously.

I try....

  • Insert printf() to blink while() loop : LED was not blink, but mbed serial port is OK. wait() is wrong?.
  • Export to offline compiler(uVision4) and offline build : OK, blink wait() period.

Did someone look at this strange behavior?

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The mbed team has made a fix in the online compiler. I just tested to use the wait function and it worked also with the precompiled library.

Andreas @ Embedded Artists

Accepted Answer

Thank you. I also tested blinky code with the precompiled library. Now works!

posted by fuyuno sakura 07 Jan 2014
6 years, 2 months ago.

I really does not work, it seems a problem of online compiler. It does not work about 1 month ago, worked fine before.

6 years, 2 months ago.


Do you know workaround (or wait() replacable)?

6 years, 2 months ago.

You should use (import) the mbed-src (mbed source) library instead of the precompiled mbed library. With mbed-src everything works as it should. Also make sure to choose "compile all" at least the first time, when you use mbed-src, because the source files have to be at least compiled once to build the library. Later, when you make changes to your program only without changing or updating the library source files, you can choose just "compile".

mbed-src files are updated much more often than mbed library and also all the compiler switches are selected according to your target platform in the online compiler for all the files (also the library) simultaneously. The precompiled library (mbed) may have some switches set wrong by mistake for some targets, when it was built.

Regards Neni

Thanks Nenad. Using mbed-src , It works :-)

posted by fuyuno sakura 04 Jan 2014

I think this is called "mbed-dev" now in the import wizard

posted by Errol Burrow 07 Nov 2017