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Unable to get Hello World working

I'm using the LPC1768 mbed. I've been able to run the Blinkey program but can't see any output from Hello World. I'm using WinXP. I've tried with Hyperterminal and Bray. I've installed the serial driver via Windows twice and once with Explorer but no joy. I really don't want to install another browser. Any suggestions?

Gary, You need to post a simple example program using printf, so that we may help you solve the mystery.


posted by David Fletcher 31 Dec 2013

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7 years, 2 months ago.

Thanks for your reply. I've found the problem, I didn't have the correct COM port specified in the terminal program.

Accepted Answer
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It is handy to mention which helloworld program you are using.

Generally the issue is that people use USBSerial HelloWorld (this one http://mbed.org/handbook/USBSerial). However that is intended for serial over USB on the LPC1768's USB pins, which are D+ and D- on your mbed, you can connect a USB connector to those.

What you want is the USB connector available already on the LPC1768 that you also use for programming. That one is connected to a seperate IC, that does the translation from Serial to USB. For that one you need: http://mbed.org/handbook/SerialPC.