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Will there be an official update for wifly-gsx firmware 4.00.1?

The 4.00.1 firmware currently shipping on WiFly RN131 (and I would assume the 121 carrier which hosts a 131) is not compatible with the API. The status messages from the WiFly have changed and it breaks the parsing in the API:


Can we expect an official update or do we need to make a community fork to fix this?

As an aside, if there is to be an official update, could you please expose the wait time-out value as a configuration parameter on the wifly class? It seems different people have different requirements and no one value seems to suit all.

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I personally suggest to fix it by yourself. Will be faster because you have the newer firmware, already found out the root cause.

It's hard to believe they release a new firmware which is not compatible with older.


posted by Martin Kojtal 10 Nov 2013

I've run into a similar problem, and have done as Martin suggested - creating my own derivative WiflyInterface. mbed can't be held responsible when the Wifly developers create a new version that isn't backward compatible, but it would be good to have a reasonably fast maintenance path. I suspect there are too few of them and too much to do (and chasing these unnecessary changes is a pain).

I'm working with newer beta SW in a Wifly module, and for no reason I can imagine, they changed "Ver " to "Ver: " in the boot information. I parse this to extract the version number, because I am trying to maintain backward compatibility and have a very few customizations based on the version. Simple things like this don't make it any easier.

wifly-EZX Ver: 4.40 Build: r1018, Oct 31 2013 09:45:31 on RN-171

As you see I have a slightly different module - the RN-171.

posted by David Smart 28 Nov 2013

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I recommend you use my WiflyInterface fork. I've worked to maintain it, and recently adapted to v4.75 (from Oct 2015) of the Wifly module firmware.