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LPC4088: Why is export to GNU greyed out?

Re-phrased the title a bit in the hope that someone will chime in...

There doesn't seem to be an option to export an LPC4088 project to external toolchains... it's greyed out in the dropdown menu. Will this be supported soon?

There is someone from embedded artists (who did the LPC4088) on mbed who also responded to some other questions regarding the LPC4088, since the question is also not linked to the LPC4088 page they might miss this one. Since they are pretty much the only ones who can answer this question anyway it might be faster to send them a PM.

Probably same for your FPU question. They did say however the compiler does use the FPU. Of course doing it manually might be more efficient sometimes, but it might also be less efficient than what the compiler does.

posted by Erik - 28 Oct 2013

Thanks Erik, I'll dig around a bit more!

posted by Chris Hunt 29 Oct 2013

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9 years, 7 months ago.

Hi Chris,

In the SDK we have added support to export to Keil uVision and code_red Red Suite toolchains. The mbed team must then enable support for this in the online tools for the LPC4088 target. They have acknowledged that they will enable this support, but we don't know when.

Kind regards, Andreas @ Embedded Artists

Great stuff, thanks Andreas. Is GNU support likely to appear in the not-too distant future?

posted by Chris Hunt 29 Oct 2013

There are several other tasks with higher priority on our todo list at the moment so I cannot promise If/when this will be available. We mainly work with Keil uVision and Red Suite/LPCXpresso (which is a GCC based toolchain) ourselves so this is why we haven't added support for other toolchains yet.

posted by EmbeddedArtists AB 29 Oct 2013

No problem; thanks for letting me know.

posted by Chris Hunt 29 Oct 2013

I would just like to let you know that we issued a pull request to add GCC_ARM support. It may take a while before the mbed team integrates the changes and makes it available in the online tools, but hopefully you won't have to wait too long.

posted by EmbeddedArtists AB 31 Oct 2013