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Networking does not fit

The TCP examples given here do not fit on the lpc1768, the builder says the TCPSocket_HelloWorld uses 35k of ram and I have 32K.

I know sockets used to run, and I have used NetServices which no longer builds as well.

The question is what happened???

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9 years, 11 months ago.

Ok thanks for that, but then how do I know when I'm going to run out of said ram LOL.

Accepted Answer

I wouldn't worry about the special ethernet RAM, it is made to fit.

If you run out of RAM at compile time it will tell you simply with an error message, it will fail to compile. It can indeed be a problem that it isn't easy to see how much RAM is to be assigned at runtime.

posted by Erik - 17 Oct 2013
9 years, 11 months ago.

Does it actually say it cannot compile, or is it just that it says it uses 35k out of 32k RAM? It should just be that, that it says it uses too much RAM, but it compiles fine. If it actually doesn't fit on compile time it will generate an error.

The 'problem' is that the LPC1768 has 32k general purpose RAM, and with the ethernet library 35k is used totally. However a significant part of that is used in the 16k RAM reserved for ethernet, and the build details doesn't take that into account, but it should work fine.