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Wifly TCPSocketServer problems - Help - please !

The code below is modified from the Echo Server example. The Wifly connects fine but I cannot get the TCPSocketServer to work. If I try to Telnet to port 2000, I can get the command interface, but there is no response from port 12345. Also, when connecting with Telnet on port 2000, the code below gets executed ("Connecting from..."). What am I missing here ? I need a Socket Server on port 12345, not a client. Please help.

#include "mbed.h"
#include "WiflyInterface.h"

Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX);
WiflyInterface wifly(p28, p27, p26, p25, "SSID", "password", WPA);  // m3pi

int main (void) {
    wifly.init(); // use DHCP
    while (!wifly.connect()); // join the network
    TCPSocketServer server;
    while (true) {
        printf("\nWait for new connection...\r\n");
        TCPSocketConnection client;
        client.set_blocking(false, 10000); 
        printf("Connection from: %s\n\r", client.get_address());
        char buffer[256];
        while (true) {
            int n = client.receive(buffer, sizeof(buffer));
            if (n <= 0) break;

            client.send_all(buffer, n);
            if (n <= 0) break;

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Hi Rolf,

It appears that on some wifly modules, the module has to be rebooted to change the local port (on which the module is listening). I updated the wiflyinterface library. You can even find a program example at the end of the WiflyInterface webpage using TCPSocketServer.

Cheers, Sam

Accepted Answer

Hi Sam; Thanks for the quick reply. I actually updated the wiflyinterface lib this morning - wondering why I missed that yesterday... unfortunately my Wifly now does not connect any more (no other changes). Will go back to Wifly_configure and check....and let you know. Thanks, Rolf

posted by Rolf Springer 20 Dec 2012

Hi Sam; All good now (had a DHCP problem). Thanks again Rolf

posted by Rolf Springer 20 Dec 2012