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library updating question

I have library A within library B. I update library A and commit and push library B. Then I import library B to another program. Library A is still on the old version. Is there a way of updating the version of library A that library B uses?

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Hi Chris,

The workflow you have described should work - if you update a child library within a parent library, committing the parent library also commits the relationship to the specific version of the child library - providing you also publish/push the parent library.

Perhaps if could link to the library with the problem I can get some clues from there.


Accepted Answer

I was going to wait until I had the examples to go with this library sorted before making it public, but this will save me some time. so library A is: http://mbed.org/users/TheChrisyd/code/Arduino/ and library B is: http://mbed.org/users/TheChrisyd/code/Gameduino/

Thanks Chris

posted by Chris Dick 06 Nov 2012

I've updated again and commited/pushed and it's worked fine this time..

posted by Chris Dick 20 Dec 2012