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Using TI cc2500 Transceiver modules with LPC1768 ?? Anyone


I have to use the TI cc2500 Transciver modules with mbed for my project. I have searched over the internet but have not found any library or anything related.


Can anyone help in this regards it is highly desired.

Thank YOu

Edit to add: Check out this link http://a-blocks.org/productdetail.aspx?id=783126b9-4cfc-455b-9f60-514b50920547 - It contains a library for Arduino, which could be ported for mbed.


I'm interested in watching your progress here as I'm looking to use a cc2500 with MBED in a couple of month's time.

The module has a fairly straightforward interface, and it connects via SPI, so I'd suggest you take a look at one of the SPI LCD libraries, and use it as the basis for your app.

If you get it working, then you could share the resulting lib!

If you can wait a couple of months, I'll be producing a basic lib for my project which I'll publish.

posted by Gary BARNETT 02 Sep 2013

Thank you Alun for you help. It looks helpful but i have confusion how can i port is to mbed as mbed has its own library for SPI that has a different syntax as compared to the one used in this example. I will try to use this library let hope it work. If anyone else can help in this regard it will be helpful.

posted by Syed Aftab 02 Sep 2013

Thats the idea of porting, you cannot just copy paste it, but you have to use the different syntax and capabilities of the mbed platform.

posted by Erik - 02 Sep 2013

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I've ported an arduino-library for the RFM22-Chip to mbed

Import libraryRF22

Library for HopeRF RFM22 / RFM22B transceiver module ported to mbed. Original Software from Mike McCauley (mikem@open.com.au) . See http://www.open.com.au/mikem/arduino/RF22/

This RF-Module is connected via SPI too and porting was easy. You can have a look at the code - maybe helps.