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Debug not working, message "Ignoring packet error, continuing..." keeps showing


I've done all the configuration and it builds to the mbed and the code is ok, every thing is working. The only problem is, when i try to debug it get stuck. I put a breakppint at the beggining of the main and in the main lood but i never reaches none of them. The messages that are printed in the console are:

Ignoring packet error, continuing... warning: unrecognized item "timeout" in "qSupported" response Ignoring packet error, continuing... Ignoring packet error, continuing... Ignoring packet error, continuing... Ignoring packet error, continuing... Ignoring packet error, continuing... Ignoring packet error, continuing...

They keep showing for like 3 or 4 minutes, than it stops. Am i missing something??

Great tutorial by the way, helped me a lot!!! Thanks!!!!


José Claudio

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I suspect that you need to update the firmware on the mbed device to support the debug monitor. Download http://mbed.org/media/uploads/simon/mbedmicrocontroller_21164.if. Copy this file to your mbed device and then power cycle it. This will update the firmware on the interface chip so that the debug monitor can be used for debugging the device.

I had forgotten that step somehow from the Cookbook page. Sorry about that. I have added it.

Hope that helps,


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It's working now! Thank you Adam. I would like to know which file should I use to return to the previous state of the mbed. I searched and found nothing related to this, maybe I searched wrong.

Regards, José Claudio

posted by José Claudio 13 Aug 2013

There is really no reason to return to the previous interface firmware. The version I pointed you to is just a newer and more capable version of the firmware. One of those capabilities is the ability for me to temporarily disable the JTAG usage of the interface chip so that my debug monitor will work. When you aren't using the debugger, you are just getting a more capable interface firmware. You can go here to download the latest version of the interface firmware for your device which is newer than the one I pointed you to but I haven't tested it as much.

posted by Adam Green 13 Aug 2013

Update: I recommend just sticking with the 21164 firmware that I pointed you to originally. Especially if you use OS X as I do. I upgraded to the latest firmware earlier today (just before I wrote my previous comment) and my Mac ended up with hung processes multiple times as I was trying to use the virtual serial port. Reverting back to 21164 fixed the problem. I have been using 21164 for over a year on Windows, Ubuntu, and OS X with no issues.

posted by Adam Green 14 Aug 2013
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Hi all,

[EDIT] N.v.m it already works [/EDIT]

I'm encountering the same problem, although i do run the 21164 firmware. Any suggestions? I do have to mention, that i had to leave out GCC4MBED_TYPE=Debug of the Incremental Build field, for it to compile correct. I'm guessing this has something to do with it?

Regards, Boris

7 years, 3 months ago.

May I slightly hijack this thread a bit? for what device is the 21164 firmware? can i use it with the frdm-kl25z? and has anyone tried that. I am trying to use arm-none-eabi-gdb with a project generated using the python SDK, have this same problem.


are you using gcc4mbed? What about you switched your firmware to Jlink, use arm gcc. If I get spare time this weekend, I can write a step guide (that part I have not written yet).

Regards, 0xc0170

posted by Martin Kojtal 31 Aug 2013

I dont have any Segger Jlink debug probe if thats what you are asking. I only have the frdm-kl25z board. I want to use arm gcc + frdm-kl25z to build and flash a simple program to a custom kl24z board. could that be possible any time soon?

posted by David Karibe 01 Sep 2013
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Hi José. Have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

regards Henning Slavensky

Hi Henning!!

No i didn't, sorry!


José Claudio

posted by José Claudio 22 Jul 2013