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Looking for a librairy SHT75 on i2cBus

Hello, as part of a project I need to develop a class for SHT75 sensor. I tried to inspire me by codes already provided on the website, but I think they are too complicated. In addition, I need to measure the temperature and not moisture. I'd run the SHT75 sensor on i2c bus with Suga Koubou's library but some methods do not fit in my project. I can not use them. Now I come to find out if someone has a simple source code with just a readTemp () (with start (), write (), read (), stop ()).... Thank you in advance, please help me!!

And this is for monday....

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You don't have to use every method. If you don't need the moisture, don't call the function that gives you the moisture. You won't get it much easier than his library (okay you have to call update before you can call the temperature function).

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posted by Chacalito banc 13 Jun 2013
8 years, 5 months ago.


I just downloaded Suga's SHT1x driver just a couple days ago and it worked first time for me. The reason for using the lower level i2c commands is that most of the Sensitron SHT devices are not true i2c devices. A work around is using the lower level commands.

I am using the SHT75 along with the MS5611 (a true i2c device) on the same i2c bus without a problem.


In fact, I have no problems to operate the sensor. It's just that I found the code very complicated! But with a little research and work I understood everything and I adapted it to my project.

posted by Chacalito banc 13 Jun 2013
8 years, 2 months ago.

Did you have tried my library? The problem is, that Sensirion didn't have used the standard I2C protokol. And as special feature my library have special functions included to use the internal heater for testing the sensor and the library can directly calculate the dew point.