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Other FRDM Boards?

I see that Freescale has introduced several more FRDM boards (-KL02Z, -KL05Z, -KL04Z, -K20D50M) which are similar to the -KL25Z board. Does MBED have any plans to support these boards?

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10 years, 3 months ago.

I have tried using the KL05Z board but it does not work, however you can use the KL25Z chip in your own board design and use the FRDM board as a JTAG progamer, see this:


Works great for me!!

That's impressive, and a great reference. I am currently trying to make my own pcbs for the kl24z.

posted by David Karibe 27 Aug 2013
10 years, 3 months ago.

I didn't think it was a drop in solution since the chips are so different. It will be interesting if MBED makes a version for these new, similarly inexpensive, boards. The K20D50M is M4 with DSP so I'd really like to see that one supported by MBED.

I think its time verses money verses resources Tracy, however if ARM are really serious to push their processor deisgns, they need to provide a wide varity of cost effective processor options available on the Mbed platform. These chips must have power, speed and package considerations. This is a bit tricky as they produce and licence the 'core' design, the 'embeded' parts around the core is designed by chip producers NXP, FREESCALE for instance. These parts have to be incorporated into the Mbed compiler so takes time to work through each chips peripheral design.

Look at the varity of PIC and Atmel chips available, having only four or five processor options is not going to compete commercially and will not attract newcommers into the industry that will ultimately use these chips with the ARM core. Hopefully this will change in the future, Mbed is the only compiler I am capable of using and find it so easy to understand and use. I'm sure it will go far.

posted by Paul Staron 10 Jun 2013
10 years, 3 months ago.

Need someone, who have ported other MCU to mbed platform, to document and share their work. I believe this day could be reached easily in the near future.

Here is the mbed SDK porting documentation: /handbook/mbed-SDK-porting.

HTH, Emilio

posted by Emilio Monti 12 Jun 2013
10 years, 3 months ago.


As soon as I sort out the recent change to keep all HAL-specific code in separate folders (for the LPC1788 port) I will try & have a look at support for the K20 FREEDOM board...

This probably won't be for a week or two (or more!) though.

I'll post here again once I'm ready to start



Hi Jez, How're you doing on the K20 port?

posted by Ned Konz 19 Nov 2013


the K20 is on the branch, currently implementing HAL code. Michael C. started it, I joined yesterday and slowly proceeding. You can check my notepad where is the status of the freedom platform.

I also regularly share what I am busy with on Twitter.


posted by Martin Kojtal 19 Nov 2013

Hi Ned,

I've been held up by other (higher priority) work for quite a while so it looks like Martin et al are much further on with this than I am...

I'm still very interested in it as a longer-term solution though!

Sorry I don't have better progress to report.



posted by Jez Cawley 19 Nov 2013
10 years, 3 months ago.

Hello guys,

I have started porting KL05 freedom board. There might be more to come! Just hold on ;)

Regards, c0170

That's awesome! Can't wait to check it out!

posted by Tracy Markham 21 Jun 2013

Hi Martin, I have some of these boards along with some 32 pin chips, post some code and method when you are ready I can get started and do the same. Paul

posted by Paul Staron 21 Jun 2013

Ok guys, I will update it here once it's completed. I can share that I ported most of the HAL code, it's under testing right now.

Which board should be the next? The fastest way will be to port first kinetis L freedom parts, then K20 which is a bit different, that will consume more free time than others :-)

Regards, 0xc0170

posted by Martin Kojtal 25 Jun 2013


KL05Z should be merge anytime soon. I am writing small guide which needs consolidation and update because mbed structure has changed a bit. I'll try to update it while I am porting another board.

Regards, c0170

posted by Martin Kojtal 04 Jul 2013

I'll give a shout for the KL02Z please!

posted by Tony Pollard 15 Jul 2013

I've got a couple of the K20 FRDM boards; the debugger chip and its connection is identical to that on the KL25Z FRDM board.

Is anyone working on the K20 board port?

posted by Ned Konz 30 Jul 2013

Any news on support for the FRDM-KL05Z board? I have a couple here that I would very much like to begin using.

Thanks, Cameron

posted by Cameron Haegle 01 Aug 2013

Hello guys,

KL05Z was merged, clone mbed git repository and use KEIL to start coding working. If you need any assistance, I can write to my notebook how to make it work. IT will be ready online. I don't have a clue about time frame at the moment.

To K20 and KL02, I have received headers for those MCU, I'll start porting it. I am currently having some problems with KL25Z GCC which I would like to finish :-)

Regards, 0xc0170

posted by Martin Kojtal 01 Aug 2013

Hi Martin, when you get the time, could you advise the procedure for the KL05Z board, do you write the code on MBED then port it to another IDE/compiler? if so which one (Eclipse?). Regards Paul.

posted by Paul Staron 27 Aug 2013

Hello Paul, should I write an article how to proceed with KL05Z ? I can even port it to GCC so it will be available with openOCD or Jlink gdb. I am currently busy with the cc3000 driver, but can allocate some time to do this if needed. Let me know, can leave a private message what would you like to see/read and I'll make it happen.


posted by Martin Kojtal 30 Aug 2013

Hello all,

I have published the link in my notepad to tutorial how to flash KL05Z with mbed library using KEIL, if anybody out here is interested. GCC will follow.

posted by Martin Kojtal 12 Sep 2013