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Problem with WiFly Roving Network

Hey guys,

I have a quick question, I have a Roving Network WiFly breakout board (the model I have is slightly larger, but its the same Roving Network module)

I am unable to get it going, you configure the board over serial using the TX and RX lines on the mBed, I've used suggested code to configure it from a terminal. That doesn't seem to be working for me unfortunately. I am a little concerned that the board is damaged, However, the board is lighting up and is powered. It seems I am unable to get a response from the board on the RX line on the mBed.

Does anyone have any experience using this board, or a similar board? I'm having the same issue with a 'bluetooth' one as well (similar model)

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5 years, 10 months ago.

Hi David, I've been using the module for some time now. Since you are having the same issue with two different - but similar modules, it is easier to suspect something in the wiring. You can see my first attempt which used a few clipleads. A few things to look for -

  1. Do the LEDs on the module light up at powerup? [Refer to the user manual for behaviors]
  2. Did you accidentally cross Rx and Tx?
  3. The WiFly module runs by default at 9600 baud, but it is common to save settings and then it may be at a different data rate. If you use the Wifly_configure program, do you get anything?
  4. You might try modifying Wifly_configure for different baud rates.
  5. The WiFly module has a way to factory reset it - by pulsing one of its pins a number of times at startup. [See the user manual]

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