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mbed-rpc java scripting

Is there a working solution enabling java scripting for the new mbed-rpc library ?



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Which web server are you using?

posted by Jorge Fernández 27 May 2013

I have tried RPC_HTTP with the server at http://mbed.org/users/donatien/code/HTTPServer/ but I can change if you have another suggestion.

posted by Orhan Dengiz 27 May 2013

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I just made a server that executes commands sent through HTTP with the new networking library. For more information, click here.


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This is not a mbedRPC, but It can control the mbed from Javascript.

Import programMiMicRemoteMCU-for-Mbed

MiMic RemoteMCU for mbed. This program provides MCU control API over REST API. It can control MCU from Javascript,PHP or any HTTP rest client directly. And, The application has self development environment.

8 years, 2 months ago.

I have a rpc web server running, try it /media/uploads/omega1024/rpc_javascript_webserver.rar .

Server IP is

RPC Commands over HTTP are in the format: http://<url of mbed>/rpc/<Object name>/<Method name> <Arguments separated by spaces>

Jorge, is it the latest mbed-rpc librray that runs within your code ?

posted by Orhan Dengiz 29 May 2013

It is Donatien http server, I am not sure but I think it is not the lastest mbed-rpc but it works. Why do You need the lastest mbed-rpc?

posted by Jorge Fernández 29 May 2013