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Stopping the operation of a thread


I would like to know which command is used to stop the operation of a thread. Use two thread in my program, and specific points of my program, I would kill them.

Thank you. Carlos Alberto.

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4 years, 3 months ago.

Does exists any way to terminate running thread from another running thread?


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Hey Carlos. I have the same problem. I want to start executing a function in a thread and also be able to restart (stop and start it again) the same function executing also in a thread, doing it e.g for 50 times.

Actually i create and strat my thread by new-operator (pointer) and after executing or after using the terminate-method i kill the stuff with delete. The problem is i am able to do this just for 11 times (although the maximum number of useable threads is set to 7 in rtos library). After 11th execution i cant create a new thread.

So, how have you solved your software problem?

Maybe here is someone other who can help me?



Hi Andreas,

I solved my problem by managing the shared use of a single resource (serial port). View in: Mutex -> https://mbed.org/handbook/RTOS

I could not stop and start the tread.

Sorry for the lack of response!

Best Regards.

Carlos Alberto

posted by Carlos Alberto Nascimento Filho 12 Mar 2013
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An example how to start and stop a tread:

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Hi Carlos,

Take a look at the terminate method:


Cheers, Sam

Thank You!

posted by Carlos Alberto Nascimento Filho 05 Dec 2012

Is it possible to terminate running thread from another running thread?


posted by Rene Klauco 27 Feb 2018
9 years, 6 months ago.

Ok, your_thread_1.terminate (), kills the thread.

And to return to run again?

Thank You. Carlos Alberto.