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mbed Application board mounting

I just got my mbed application board....any suggestions as to how to mount it....there are no mounting holes which is a pain IMHO....

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It's just more flexible that way... I mounted my KL25Z by using some stripboard as a backplane, with mounting holes drilled to match the chassis of my heat pump, then soldering wires through both PCBs for mounting. Chances are you will need some other components in your project, so treat the mbed as a component part...

Thanks for the reply, but I think I'm still missing something....The KL25Z has mounting holes doesn't it? I'm talking about the mbed application board: http://mbed.org/cookbook/mbed-application-board

posted by David Hodgson 16 May 2013
11 years, 1 month ago.

The application board wasn't designed with mounting in mind, rather it was designed as a way to quickly prototype projects, hence no mounting holes.

Depending on how permanently you want to mount the board a few options might be:

  • standoffs that support the board by gripping the edge or
    • not sure if there's enough edge to grip onto
  • cable ties might fit underneath where the mbed fits into the application board
    • would work for many situations but might look a bit shonky and might stress components that the cable ties a touch
  • epoxy the underside of the application board to something that you can drill mounting holes into
    • could look reasonably professional, could still allow removal for maintenance.

If you need it to be more professional then you might look at custom PCBs.

Thanks for the reply. I realize that this board is meant for prototyping and not permanent installation. I guess I'm just a little disappointed that there is no easy way to put standoffs onto it....(I doubt there is enough room on the edge to grip). What does everyone else do? Just leave them lying on their workbench and hope they don't accidentally short any of the solder joints on the bottom of the board?

posted by David Hodgson 16 May 2013