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mbed GR-Peach and Debugging

21 May 2016

"Exporting to e2studio with CMSIS_DAP DBG"


This is satisfactory using GR-PEACH_blinky but needs the extra action "reset board". Stepping over lines (F6) is ok but why:

google search: openocd "cortex_a maskisr" ???

The above links do not explain why this is necessary. Please explain.

This "fix" prevents the Segger Launcher from working.


"Exporting to e2studio with J_Link debug"



Should this run to the first statement in main.cpp?

Stepping over lines (F6) is ok.


"simple demo program for a graphics library"

Using the online arm compiler this demo program compiles and runs on the GR-Peach.

The next step is to try this mbed demo program and debug it in e2studio:




With a little help (using F8) it runs to the first statement in main.cpp

Using F6 at this first statement it fails.

What modifications to the demo code are necessary to achieve the GR-Peach_blinky result?

Your help would be much appreciated.