Bluetooth Low Energy (a.k.a Bluetooth LE, BTLE, Bluetooth Smart)

BLE Roadmap

12 Nov 2014

Copy-paste from the post under github: It's useful enough to share with the community.

Here's a poor attempt at keeping a list of potential improvements:

My short-term roadmap (and I'd be very glad to receive input on this):

  • add support for BLE_API to a BLE radio from CSR. This will also exercise our claim for architecture neutrality.
  • add APIs for GATT Client. This will allow launching service discovery and to demonstrate compatibility with Apple's ANCS.
  • Move towards BLE4.1; and corresponding updates to underlying BLE stackssuch as move to S130.

I'm happy to receive community support and that might cause us to move out of order depending on what's considered useful. If you add support for startScanning() for instance, I'd be very glad to receive it; and if that means moving towards S130, I'm happy to consider it prematurely.

Another roadmap item which is active but proceeding very slowly: hire some keen enthusiasts/experts, hopefully from the community, to help accelerate our progress. Any takers?

11 Nov 2014

Thanks for sharing your roadmap items. Would you also consider adding a few more standard services to the API, such as Immediate Alert & Link Loss Services?

09 Feb 2015


Have you an estimated date for supporting the CSR1012 (Bluetooth Low Energy SoC)?

Best regards, Jose Angel

09 Feb 2015

Very exciting Rohit!

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