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Few patches ?

19 Aug 2015


I saw few potential fixes / optim. As they can be irrelevant and, in all cases, are too minors for a merge request, I start this topic.

  • inline problem
    When using SPI layer compiled with GCC, I get this error :
    [..] /mbed/targets/hal/TARGET_Silicon_Labs/TARGET_EFM32/spi_api.c:207: undefined reference to `spi_get_clock_tree' I don't really know why but it seems that it comes from the "inline". The problem is solved by setting this function as "static inline" or no inline at all and let GCC Optimize fonction do its job.
  • Simplify New target integration
    In order to facilitate test of new targets based on gecko family, an " #ifdef EFM_BC_EN " around gpio init in hal/TARGET_Silicon_Labs/TARGET_EFM32/mbed_overrides.c is necessary. (All other emlib / cmsis / hal files can be used without any modification)
  • Emlib
    Why not updating it to 4.0.0 ?
20 Aug 2015

Thanks Martin!

An emlib update is pending, as is the static inline fix. I'll introduce that define guard as well.

20 Oct 2015

The first issue is still a problem.

When I compile the mbed library offline using ARM GCC Embedded 4.9, it fails when I toggle debug mode (using -o debug-info). Applying the proposed fix solves it.