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TY51822r3 external power

10 Aug 2016

On the Wiki page "Getting started with ssci mbed TY51822r3", it says that to use external power, you should:

"A solder jumper bottom of the board is connecting 3V3 of BLE module - pin header and regulator - mbed interface. When you want to use exterior power source such as coin-cell buttery, please remove the solder."

I don't see the solder jumpers on the bottom side (opposite side of the board than where the USB connector is) of the board but I see two solder jumpers on the top side with silkscreen squares around them.

Can you tell me: are these the solder jumpers they mean and, if so, which one should I remove to get 3.3V from external power?

Once I remove the solder, I need to hook up 3.3V and GND on the pins just below P0_7 right?

Lastly, with the solder jumper disabled, are there any problems with supplying 3.3V from external source while using USB for mbed drag and drop programming?

Thanks in advance! Hunter