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mbed LPC11U35 on Ubuntu 14.04

23 Feb 2016

Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 as development machine with target LPC11U35. Tried with a simple application to blink the LED. Code compiles without any errors, copied the binary to the board as it enumerated a mass storage. Board does not boot with the newly copied binary. IFF the same binary is copied to the board using Windows machine it works, meaning board boots and the LED starts blinking. Has anyone seen this issue before?

Build machine config ----- Ubuntu 14.04 LTS OS-type: 64-bit Core: i7-4500 @ 1.80GHz x 4

Thanks, Visu

24 Mar 2016

Have you updated board to latest frimware? have you removed everything from mebd before uploading your program?

My new LPC1768 did not work on Ubuntu 14.04 as well. So first I deleted everything from mbed drive. Then I copied new firmware into mbed drive. Then I pressed the button and removed the USB cable (no other power attached) Upon reconnecting, the LED near USB port blinked several times in different fashions. I again deleted everything from the mbed drive. I copied my compiled 'hello world' to the mbed drive. Again I disconnected usb and hooked up 5V DC to GND and Vin (upper left 2 pins, if usb is on top and DIL pins are pointing away from you)

Tadaa it went blinking the lower left LED

Hope this helps.