The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

Does the recently updated EthernetInterface library work on the K64F platform

09 Jul 2014

@Stefano, yes, please do, with as many details as you can. Preferably on github, at the moment .


01 Aug 2014

I may have a solution to some problems people are having.

This will probably only apply if you were connecting to the internet via WiFi and having your FRDM-K64F board plugged into the Ethernet port on your computer/laptop.

You'll need to right click the WiFi icon on your toolbar (at the bottom right) and click 'Open Network and Sharing Center...' then on the left click 'Change adapter settings'. From here, you should be able to see your WiFi connection and the Local Area connection that is your K64F. Highlight both of these, right click and choose 'Bridge Connections'.

After doing this I am able to run both the TCPSocket_HelloWorld and UDPSocket_HelloWorld perfectly.

I didn't replace mbed with mbed-src, but I did make sure my K64F had the latest mbed firmware (0203) and made sure my EthernetInterface library was updated.

Hope this helps someone!

01 Aug 2014

Hello, I as well successfully ran both the TCPSocket_HelloWorld and UDPSocket_HelloWorld just fine. No changes on my part except I imported the latest libraries and compiled All.

12 Aug 2014

I have a very complex application that uses the RTOS and EthernetInterface libraries.

Simply recompiling (after updating all the libraries) for the K64F doesn't work - the app bombs out after receiving a broadcast UDP packet. I had troubles also with some of the demo apps (UDP Echo Server, etc) until I did a get latest on all libraries (I use mbed-src) and then compiled all.

It seems to hate a lot of the RTOS features .. queues passing Ethernet packets especially.

The K64F has enough appeal (and the app code is ugly enough) that I'm slowly refactoring the app to eliminate the need for RTOS (except where EthernetInterface calls it) but cleartly there are some issues with the K64F platform.